• Gill Construction Midtown Jewel - Kitchen

Chris McKenna

“We cannot say enough good things about Gill Construction! Prior to building we had never owned a home or even painted a room; we were literally starting from scratch, with so many options to consider. We were able to confidently rely on the knowledge of Gill Construction to not only address any concerns that arose, but to also provide valuable recommendations and suggestions while still ultimately leaving the decision to us.

Tom, Carson and crew were able to guide us through the process and give helpful advice. Our entire building process was smooth and painless because of their hard work, expertise and superb crew. We were treated like family and could tell they always had our best interests at heart. Gill Construction turned our sketches on paper into our dream home and they thought of every little detail along the way. We are extremely pleased with their attention to detail and our home has turned out better then we could have imagined.

Three years later and we still often say things like “Thank God Tom convinced us not to do that!” or “So glad Carson suggested this.” We proudly refer Gill Construction to anyone we know building a home and we highly recommend them. As stated above, we just cannot say enough good things about Gill Construction!”