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New Homes

A substantial part of the work that we do is custom new home construction. In some cases, our customers know exactly what they want and have complete plans in hand. In many other cases, a prospective client has an idea of a layout in mind and is looking for guidance on matching their desires and budget. We are always happy to help develop plans or guide you in choosing an appropriate designer or architect.

Estimating is always free and timely. Often our experience can help guide a project to maximize value, land-use, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.




Gill Construction has always taken a ‘no project is too small’ approach to our business. Whether it’s a bathroom reno, new kitchen, garage addition or basement fit up, we would be happy to tackle the project. We recognize that the key to success in renovation is minimizing the inconvenience to the household with respectful and tidy tradespeople and timely execution of work.




The diversity of our staff and past work experience extends to proven ability in a variety of commercial capacities. Condominium construction, apartment buildings, demolition, store fit-up, project management – you name it. We’ve tackled everything from building law offices to dental offices (once we even did both in the same building). If you need an experienced, proven, and connected partner to make your business plan come to life don’t overlook our capability in this field.




As a rural based company, we have had the pleasure of working many times with hardworking entrepreneurs in PEI’s agricultural industry. Through the years we have built dairy barns, milking parlours, beef barns, manure silos, silage tanks, pole barns and generator sheds. We know that in rural PEI you’re more likely to ask your neighbour than search the internet, and we encourage you to do so. We put the same attention to detail, structural integrity, and customer service into our farm project that we do in all our work.



Design Builds

Need help on figuring out where to start? Start by calling Carson or Tom. We’ve done this before and we can provide the design and costing information to get your project off the ground and running!


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